How to Instantly Become More Attractive

How to Instantly Become More Attractive

Let’s fix your mental motor and get your drive back to peak performance!

Peak performance doesn’t refer to just feeling good or doing good; it also means looking good. If you struggle with looking for your best, here are some tips that can help:

Try to Look Older

While this might sound contradictory, it has been proven by research again and again that women like older-looking guys. Researchers speculate a few reasons for this proven fact. Some suggest it could be because men are stereotypically judged as immature for their age.

Older looking men are perceived as more mature than younger men and hence appear attractive to women. Some others speculate that most women want someone to take care of them even if they are independent. Since older men are generally more settled in their careers, women find them to be attractive partners.

However, no matter the reason, you can use this research to your advantage. You can stop dying your greying hair, grow a beard, and start dressing up in suits!

Wear Sunglasses

Have you ever noticed that celebrities wear sunglasses in almost all paparazzi pictures? While nobody knows the real reason it happens, it is common knowledge that sunglasses make anyone appear attractive.

It might simply be because sunglasses are considered cool, and hence the one who wears them starts looking as well.

You don’t have to dwell on the reason, though. Just wear some sunglasses to appear attractive.

Fill Your Wardrobe with Red

Red is the color for those who like all attention on themselves. You might think it’s a sharp and bold color, but there are various ways to rock this color in a sophisticated manner.

For example, you can wear a simple red polo with a pair of straight jeans or red sneakers with black athletic wear. If you find them too bold for you, you can get some red-colored accessories. A wristwatch with a red band or even a red phone case can get your attention.

Correct Your Posture

Your posture can tell a lot about you. It instantly indicates how healthy and confident you are. Hence, if you want to appear attractive, you need to appear more confident and healthy, and you can achieve both by correcting your posture.

Smell Good

There’s more to looking good than just putting on nice clothes. Your onlookers should find you attractive through all their senses. Since the sense of smell plays a strong role for all humans, you should put some effort into smelling good.

However, you cannot smell good by putting on some cologne alone. There are a few requirements to always smell good. These are:

  • Take a shower every morning and night, and after every workout.
  • Always put on clean, fresh clothes after the shower.
  • Regular use a fragrant roll on after the shower.
  • Stay conscious of hygiene and body odor throughout the day.

Lastly, don’t forget to be confident in yourself. People will treat you as you want to be treated. If you believe you look great, others will believe the same! Got stories to share of your own personal makeover? Leave them down below!

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